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CRP USA awarded at the AMUG 2015 Technical Competition

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CRP USA ( has conquered the second place in the Advanced Applications at the AMUG 2015 Technical Competitions. AMUG is one of the leading show that supports the users of additive manufacturing technologies and it takes place yearly in the United States. CRP USA has featured the project of Energica Ego: the first electric motorcycle developed using 3D Printing and Windform materials ( The Energica Ego utilizes extensive amounts of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing in the both the development of the exotic Italian Electric Motorcycle.  CRP USA has also been invited to present the case-study “On-track application of Additive Manufacturing by Deltawing racing in the construction of an intake manifold utilizing Windform SP” at the 2015 Additive Manufacturers User Group (AMUG) Conference.



Pressesprecherin Gruppe CRP – Francesca Cuoghi –


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